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Welcome to a small slice of the adventures I have embarked on over the years of topics I have found heard or been recommended by some by complete luck others from more current events I will be categorized

Here are a few highlights of what I have found and discovered over the years of stumbling into and finding information. Things I heard from someone and I found interesting or crazy enough to either ask for their source or trying to find it on my own.




The great emu wars is one of my favorite pieces of history to return, to due to the absurd circumstances it happened under.

A few sources:

Other historical events I will throw into this bio would be someone like Peter Freuchen.

A man that survived through some quite unbelievable encounters, both with the world and the creatures and people in it during his lifetime.


I could keep going regarding historical events, everything from Sam the unsinkable, a ship cat during world war 2 that survived on three battle ships sinking, or the fact that the current “amazon fires” that rose up in the news a few months ago isn’t a “new” thing by any merit, it has been going on for ages due to the fact that “farmers” set the forests on fire to get more space for cow farms, and then settle in, to be able to supply themselves while destroying large areas of rainforest.


Social Media


There’s loads more information sources just by looking for them. When it comes to events that are currently happening, I tend to use twitter, reddit, YouTube and the like to get information extremely quickly. Also the usage of discord helps me to reach people and contacts I built over the years to keep me up to date with current events

A few noticeable events have been the currently airing riots in Hong Kong, and how some companies such as nbk and blizzard have been actively censoring any attempts of people trying to raise awareness of the riots due to fear of losing out on the massive market that is china.

And other events such as the currently very popular #teamtrees, where a YouTuber called Mr. Beast was working with a nonprofit organization to plant 20 million trees with the slogan “one tree for one dollar”. This started off quite small, but has very quickly rose in interest when several other notable figures on twitter, reddit and YouTube took interest in it. Even Elon musk himself donated 1 million dollars and changed his twitter handle to “treelon” in light of this.

I could go through several other events, such as that that one time when different YouTube channels were promoting gambling to an underage audience through a system called “cs go gambling”, and the drama that came with it, (cs go or counterstrike go being an extremely popular shooter made by the company valve ) and how it came to light that the YouTubers themselves in fact owned the sites without disclosing that fact.


Science and the like


Something that has long kept my interest is how much there is to discover out in space and how far we have to go to even attempt to visualize or even get the slightest bit of evidence or detection of some objects or areas of space. As an example; how scientists got the first “picture” of an black hole

Or that time we discovered a star that exceeds the current accepted age of the universe (this one was a headache to research at the time of discovery, due to the fact that the nickname for the star was Methuselah, a biblical character said to have died at the age 969, and thus I found more people debating on the validity on this biblical character and not what I actually wanted.)

When it comes to understanding the current accepted model of particle physics and everything the current string theory and standard model provides, there’s a world of weird and whacky interactions and mysteries to discover attempting to make sense of some of the interactions with particles that don’t fit into the rules we expect them to follow, and to try to see how much we can prove with our theory and view on the fundamental powers at work on the tiniest scales. Today I will only show one small slice of the world that is quantum physics, and that field is most likely the reason we still have to pay for headache pills due to the demand.

Related, there’s several fantastic YouTube channels explaining the magic of math in excellent ways.


Final Words


While what I have sourced and attempted to explain here are just fragments of the information that people in this age have access to, there’s so much more to learn and see that you will never know even the smallest drop. There’s so much I would love to share, but due to the fact that I’m just one person and with very limited time, I will leave it at this
Also as a famous man once said ”If you think you understand quantum mechanics then you don’t understand quantum mechanics”

This applies nicely to the internet when it comes to discovery and finding stories, studies, history events, news, almost everything can be found with the right knowhow and dedication.

Yours truly Axel Sirviö 2019-11-13 (posted 2019-11-27)

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